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Because you're pretty and smart and ignoring me so obviously you're my type. Categories :. There are other ways to get out of this building but I walked by your patio. Arriving in West Covina, she gets a job at Darryl Whitefeather's West Covina law firm, rents an apartment, and flushes all her depression and anxiety meds down the sink. Retrieved June 27, At the party Greg was put off by Rebecca's obsession with Josh. Greg pretended not to care and assumed Rebbeca's disappearance was yet another of her whims. Rotten Tomatoes. The line about Dr. Greg is bartending at Home Base when Rebecca walks in and flaunts her cleavage before inviting him to a housewarming party.

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The bizarre random karaoke imagery and chorus of equally frustrated parents singing along and waving their drinks are also great touches. Retrieved October 20, The reproductive system is given the same treatment in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Season overview While working at Home Base, Greg met Rebecca Bunch who had just moved from the east coast and was looking for thier mutual acquaintance Josh Chan.

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Live Nude Show. The critical acclaim that the show enjoyed was a factor in its renewal through four seasons, in spite of consistently low Nielsen ratings. When she finally got back to him, Greg took her to the local taco festival. When he finally got the nerve to tell Rebecca he felt the same way he was busted on a DUI.

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Or that has a line like the one below? Parenting is a major theme depicted in the show, as many of the personalities of several major characters are shaped by their parents' inattentive or cold, distant demeanors. Retrieved July 31, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself.

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Retrieved November 18, He refused to answer as he didn't want her to get in the way of his sons happiness. How do you put a nervous breakdown into song? The Mindy Project — He found Heather the next day to apologize to her and although she made him squirm for a bit she eventually took him back " I'm Back at Camp with Josh! Hoping to cement their troubled relationship, Rebecca and Josh plan to be married, but Josh leaves her at the altar. Those maladies are largely from being pushed by her overbearing Jewish mother, which also led to Rebecca's father abandoning the family when she was young.

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Retrieved October 27, This is how you do a reprise. He headed over to Rebecca's party found all the gamblers at her place. Retrieved July 18,

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He did try to cheer Rebecca up by complimenting her which led to the two of them having sex. Unbeknownst to Greg, at Jayma's wedding Josh and Rebecca rekindled their romance and slept together while he was nursing a hangover. Comedy Drama. The Mindy Project —

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